Announcing PCL: Farewell


As many of you may know, the competitive scene has been in turmoil due to several factors including a lack of information about future events and a lack of truly competitive modes in general. It has now been made clear that Epic do not currently see Paragon as having any potential for success and that is why the community has seen updates increase in rarity and no investment on their part in the competitive scene in recent months. At the PCL, we are sensitive to these factors and as a result have decided to dial down our involvement in the Paragon scene as well for the time being.

However, before we go, we will be hosting our last Paragon event for the foreseeable future, PCL: Farewell. We want to go ahead and give the Paragon competitive community the recognition it deserves by holding one more event. The community built up around this scene has been tremendous, ever since the first Agora’s Rising. We’ve been on a fantastic journey together and we have been blessed to have you along for the ride. We also believe that it wouldn’t be fair to the community to just let you go. So we’re going to have our event and we hope that it does Paragon the justice it deserves. Announcement Video

If Epic Games ever decide to invest in Paragon's competitive scene, rest assured that the PCL will be back, bigger and better than ever, ready to resume giving you the highest tier of Paragon action. This is not a decision we take lightly, but we have considered the options and have decided that this is the most appropriate course of action. The Paragon community is part of our identity; it's influences will never be absent from what we do in the future.

PCL: Farewell will be held on both NA and EU servers separately, as long as we have at least 8 teams for each region. Anyone can sign up; if you do not have enough people for a full team, but still want to play, feel free to use the #recruitment section of our discord server to find other players. We want as many people as possible to be able to participate in this event. Join our discord here. This tournament is open to teams and players of all skill levels to play in the last PCL for the foreseeable future.

If you are not familiar with our rules and procedures already, you can find them here. Please note that this event will use the format linked above and NOT the format currently reflected in our ruleset.

The prizepool will be crowdfunded once again via Matcherino. Codes for free Matcherino contributions will be found on a graphic that appears on our stream.

You can find our stream here: PCL Twitch

If you miss some of the games, you can find the vods shortly after we stream them here: PCL Youtube

We hope that you join us for PCL: Farewell. Currently, we’re working on making this event the best we can and providing the professional atmosphere you have come to expect from the PCL. The staff behind the PCL will also not be disappearing. We will have more events in the future in other games and we hope that you continue to support us in our endeavors to bring you the best esports content. More on that later. We look forward to seeing you at PCL: Farewell.