Tournament Rules

  1. Single sign up only, we will assign the teams on the tournament day
  2. No ELO restriction - no matter your skill level, everyone is allowed and welcome to join
  3. You are required to join the PCL Arcade Discord server! All communications, team assignments, hero assignments, announcements, etc will be held on there. You can find a link to the Discord below. (You are not required to use it for voice communication)

ARAM Rules

Basic Rules

  1. You are only allowed on the Mid-Lane - Its borders are defined by the fog walls. In your base you are not allowed to retreat on a side Inhibitor
  2. The only way going to base is by death
  3. First team to take the core wins

Advanced Rules

Since Paragon does not have a dedicated ARAM map and mode, additional rules have to be made

  1. No river buffs allowed.
  2. Default decks only - While not easy to spot, if you are reported to use a non default deck, the player or team will receive a adjusted consequence.
  3. If you're getting knocked out of mid lane - e.g. Howitzer Mine, Sevarog Ult, etc, you have to take the shortest way back to mid. You're furthermore not allowed to wait outside of mid lane to reenter.
  4. If you're leaving mid lane by yourself - e.g. trying to escape - you have to sacrifice yourself to the opposing team!
  5. If an enemy minion wave is imminent in destroying a side lane inhibitor, you are allowed to leave mid lane to defend the inhibitor. Heroes respawning shortly are to be favored rather than a player leaving mid. If you are to leave mid lane, make sure it is obvious to the opposing team. For the opposing team, do not stop a player if he is obviously leaving to defend an inhibitor. Losing an inhibitor - other than being stopped by the opposing team - is the team's fault and will have no consequences of the match or outcome.

If you have more questions about the rules or you are just unsure, contact churchymayer#9169 on Discord or write an e-mail to

All rules are subject to change - In case of a rule change it will be announced on the Discord Server