The PCL Arcade

The PCL Arcade is a side project of individuals from the PCL and the Paragon MOBA Facebook group.


Our main goal is to provide fun and educational events where every Paragon player is welcome.

Events run by PCLA include:

ARAMs, Reverse Draft tournaments (that's right, you pick the oppent's teams hero's!), Boot camp days with guest analysts and more!

5th PCL Arcade Tournament

ARAM (All random, all mid)

30th of September we will be hosting our 5th tournament. And once again it will be an ARAM.

All random, all mid, all fun! 

In teams of five that you will get assigned to, you will get a random hero and battle your way to the enemy core on the mid lane.

If you are interested in joining yourself, click the button below!

(No ELO restrictions, single sign ups only)


(For more detailed rules, click the button below.)